Waking up on the Way

 It is only a few days in to our trip, but I already feel more myself than I have felt in months.

The daily routine is still changing; when we camp, I wake up around 5:30, cold and half num, starting the stove for porridge and hot chocolate and pack up for a day of walking. When we stay in hostels, I wake up slowly and heavy, spend time cleaning and preparing for a hearty scottish breakfast. So far I prefer the former; I wake up sharp and ready to tackle the days miles.

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Leaving Glasgow

 We arrived in Glasgow by train a week ago now. We then left Glasgow, and the comfort of my Aunt and Uncles home, last Tuesday to walk the West Highland Way. Before we had even begun the trip it felt it was getting the better of us. On arrival into Glasgow we found out Max’s bag was broken beyond repair. Thankfully, helpful family members got us to Cotswold where we got a 65 litre Ayuacha bag. I also got a 3 season Vango sleeping bag as Mum freaked me out by informing me it had recently hit -5 in Scotland. Continue reading

Hoka Highland Fling  Training Camp – Kit Review!

 We have arrived in Tyndrum (as has the rain) in time for a training camp for the upcoming race. However, Max has tendinitis and we are both pretty much in no state to run 33 miles back the way we just spent the last two days walking. So instead we are having a rest day, which includes yoga for runners, a massage and copious amount of fish and chips from the Good Food Cafe. I am also getting to trial a pair of Injinji trail Mid-weight mini crew socks and a small fit Ultimate Direction Ultra vest when I go out for a run later.  Continue reading

Packing for the Way!

Max submitted his PhD thesis, we signed a contract to rent back in Cambridge again and we have finished work! Today is the day before we head up to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Glasgow, so I am attempting to pack for our roughly planned 4 week trip walking around the Scottish Highlands.

We have tried to save money by borrowing as much as possible, we have credited everyone below for helping us, thank you guys! Continue reading

Run Commute

Max and I moved out of Cambridge for a couple of months this winter to save money while Max was in between PhD and Post Doc jobs. Some awesome friends via the Cambridge Tri Club took us in, meaning we were now a good distance from our offices. It made perfect sense then to get our weekday training in during our commute and lunch breaks. Below I have outlined out routines and gear.

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Boundary Run


The Hare and Hounds Boundary Run is a marathon skirting the edges of Cambridge city marked out with flour arrows along the way. It was my second marathon, but this time I was not competing, I was training. The point was to run in a race atmosphere, but keep my head – run my run, and pace myself for a 5 hour marathon time. This was in preparation for running 33 miles in 3 weeks time as part of a training weekend for the Hoka Highland Fling race (a 53 mile ultra marathon along the West Highland Way).

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