Could I run 100 miles?

Where do I start with writing about my desire to attempt to cover 100 miles…

I say ‘cover’ as clearly I will not actually run all of them, I expect to hike a lot.

Also the race I hope to enter, and my back up one if I do not get a place, are both 95-96miles. Most people will think, if you run 95 miles why not just round it up and run 100miles? I hate these people, and my husband is one of them. He has a chronic ’round it up’ issue, I think it is due, in part, to Strava. Out on an easy 10k-ish run together this weekend, I finished at 9.4k or something, he had to round it up. But then he has a new dilemma, and needs to round the run up to 1 hour! However, yet another dilemma arises, he is now not at a satisfactory integer of either miles or kilometres*

So you see, I will cover probably 96 miles, but I am going to call in 100. It will take over 24 hours, but will probably call it a day as I will not sleep.

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Mountain Marathon Thoughts

With a week working in Manchester coming up, we decided to make the most of a drive up North and planned to visit the Lake District the following weekend to bag some ‘Challenge Peaks.’ However, on hearing our plans a colleague in Manchester suggested instead that we enter a Mountain Marathon race himself and his wife had entered in the Lakes that weekend. Max had been wanting to enter a Mountain Marathon, however, I had been avoiding it for two reasons,

  1.  It sounds scary – two consecutive days running and orienteering in the mountains carrying everything you need to camp at a yet to be disclosed location.
  2. It is a team event. I would have to be in a team with Max, my ex- GB athlete husband for whom ‘over-competitive’ is an understatement.

So I gave in to Max and he entered us into a mountain marathon. Thankfully I convinced Max to enter us into the second hardest category we qualify for, instead of the hardest.

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