30 for 30

On Wednesday the 17th of August, thirty years after I entered the world (ta Mum and Dad!) I am planning to run 30 miles around the city of Cambridge to celebrate my 30 years of life. I already got myself new trainers as a present 😀

Max will be running with me, and I am hoping my colleagues in Radiotherapy at Addenbrooke’s will join me for the 2kms around the hospital and maybe bring some snacks and water! I hope anyway?! But if any one else wants to join in, for all or part, please comment below! The more the merrier!

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Route plan

Here is the route plan created by ‘walk, jog, run’ website. We plan to start at 5.30am and I expect to be running around 6 hours. We will start from the Green Dragon Bridge on the River Cam and then head toward Milton, cross the guided Busway, past Orchard Park and onto towards the American Memorial site. From there a slight descend into Coton and then past the military shooting grounds and to Grantchester. Hoping to refill water and grab a scone at the Orchard. Then run to Lord Byron’s Pool and then to Addies. Water stop at Addies and then onto Coldenmans common and back onto the River Cam. A loop round to the Nines boat house, another water stop, then the last stretch back to home!

This run also serves as my big run one month prior to the Ladybower 50 miler we are running with some rowing friends (Ben and Rachel) and the guys from ProjectTrail! Cannot wait!

I guess the purpose of the run is just to get people to realise what they can do in their home town and how easy and accessible great running routes are. I will also be donating £30 to Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust as part of #Run4Radiotherapy raising money towards getting new treatment machines to treat our cancer patients. Any and all donations welcome!

Like I said please contact me if you want to take part in any way! Maybe as part of run commute, or some early morning training, or a small jog before a rowing outing!

Run Commute

Max and I moved out of Cambridge for a couple of months this winter to save money while Max was in between PhD and Post Doc jobs. Some awesome friends via the Cambridge Tri Club took us in, meaning we were now a good distance from our offices. It made perfect sense then to get our weekday training in during our commute and lunch breaks. Below I have outlined out routines and gear.

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