Max and I  fulfilled our dream to move to the Scottish Highlands and now we embark on our next aventure; WayOutside

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 13.40.41WayOutside aims to bring together like minded people to swim, run and hike in the Scottish outdoors, from the seas and lochs to moors and mountains. WayOutside also wishes to introduce groups of people to the outdoors who may not necessarily see a space for themselves there. To these ends we will also provide online and face-to-face goal coaching.


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Cold Water

Last year I entered the water on Hampstead Heath on a December dawn. I could not stand the 4-degree coldness, the pool spat me out. So, in September I decided to take to the water each weekend in attempt to soften my body to it. To open my arms, heart, stomach, liver – exposing my organs and my mind. To learn to accept the cold-water shock with complete calmness.

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Connecting People and Nature

From our own gardens to the remote highland mountains, from city parks and forest schools to the coasts, and beyond to the islands, Scotland’s nature is that of a national pride and international wonder. The Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) aims to further conserve, facilitate enjoyment and advise on sustainable management of Scotland’s nature and land. The SNH vision is to establish Scotland as a recognised world leader for looking after and improving nature by 2030.

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