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Outdoor Swimming in Winter – Intrepid Magazine Issue 8

The winter of 2018/19 I set myself the challenge to swim wetsuit free every week all winter. Here is what I learnt form the experience, in falling temps from 20degrees down to 4degrees.


Get myself Connected – Like the Wind

by Stacey Holloway – I knew I wanted to run 100miles, but why did I?


West Highland Way Race 2018 Race review – Ultrarunning World magazine Issue 16, Stacey Holloway 

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How Long Until The Ice Breaks? – BlueSci Magazine, University of Cambridge

by Max Holloway – Popular science article investigating the future global sea level rise by looking to our Antarctic past.

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I was invited by John Kynaston as a novice ultra-runner to participate as part of his regular podcast series following my 6 month training schedule in the build up to the West Highland Way race (a 95mile single stage footrace from Glasgow to Fort William).

6. June – post race

My race summary with John, 3 days after finishing in 33 hours and 5 mins.

5. June 2018

Final interview, 1 week to go and thinking about the what I am exited about and worried about. Touching on my last blog post addressing unfounded expectations and dealing in reality as I hit taper.


4. May 2018

Reflecting on my training and what I took away from the Highland Fling 53mile race the previous week. Thinking now about kit, times and addressing niggles.


3. April 2018

A review of training and racing so far including 34mile run on the course as part of the Highland Fling training camp.

via Episode 129 – Stacey Holloway, Andy Crichton & David Wilson

2. February 2018

My training so far, the highs and lows and beginning to build my support crew. I am at 1hr19 ish.

via Episode 127 – Matt Williamson, David Wilson & Stacey Holloway

1. January 2018

I introduce myself, my goals and motivation for the race and outline some training goals. 15min30.

via Episode 123 – David McLure, David Wilson & Stacey Holloway

Men’s Running Magazine

Max was featured in the Men’s Running Project Trail series in 2015. Coached by GB Ultra runner Robbie Britton and sponsored by Salomon he was coached, followed and raced in the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series Gower Trail Half Marathon.

A Family Affair by Max Holloway in Men’s Running –

GOWER HALF MARATHON: RACE REPORT – Project Trail’s Max Holloway overcomes injury and bad weather to complete this challenging ultra on the south coast of Wales

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