I was invited by John Kynaston as a novice ultra-runner to participate as part of his regular podcast series following my 6 month training schedule in the build up to the West Highland Way race (a 95mile single stage footrace from Glasgow to Fort William).

6. June – post race

My race summary with John, 3 days after finishing in 33 hours and 5 mins.


5. June 2018

Final interview, 1 week to go and thinking about the what I am exited about and worried about. Touching on my last blog post addressing unfounded expectations and dealing in reality as I hit taper.

via https://whwrace.wordpress.com/2018/06/14/episode-135-stephen-brown/

4. May 2018

Reflecting on my training and what I took away from the Highland Fling 53mile race the previous week. Thinking now about kit, times and addressing niggles.

via https://whwrace.wordpress.com/2018/05/17/episode-132-lesley-mckerral/

3. April 2018

A review of training and racing so far including 34mile run on the course as part of the Highland Fling training camp.

via Episode 129 – Stacey Holloway, Andy Crichton & David Wilson

2. February 2018

My training so far, the highs and lows and beginning to build my support crew. I am at 1hr19 ish.

via Episode 127 – Matt Williamson, David Wilson & Stacey Holloway

1. January 2018

I introduce myself, my goals and motivation for the race and outline some training goals. 15min30.

via Episode 123 – David McLure, David Wilson & Stacey Holloway